What's in a name?

The name Moment At Home embodies the very essence of our purpose.

It all began with the creation of our first candle, an homage to a cherished scent and the emotions it evoked for our founder. This profound experience led to a revelation: we yearned to craft custom fragrances that would ignite memories, spark imagination, and inspire the pursuit of extraordinary moments in life.

Driven by a profound intent, we sought to extend this passion beyond ourselves. Each scent that we share with you must based upon an experience, a dream or an inspired moment. This will be presented as a scent journey to communicate the consideration of every scent that we release.

We enjoy your feedback and personal tales of how each of our scents inspire and impact you. For we believe in the power of shared stories, the magic of connection, and the joy of co-creating moments that truly matter.

The Scent That Inspired It All.